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This is a list of hardware and software that we use to power the website.

The station is an Oregon Scientific WMR 968 Wireless. The WMR consists of a thermometer/hydrometer to measure temperature and relative humidity with a Davis pagoda to insure accuracy; and anemometer to measure wind speed and direction; and a self tipping rain gauge to measure precipitation. While data is gathered from the base station every 3 seconds, this sites data is updated once every 5 minutes via the serial interface to Virtual Weather Station Pro Version 14.00 which dumps the data used in this site to a CSV format

The weather station was installed according to Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) Weather Station Siting, Performance and Data Quality Guide Version 1.0 March 8, 2005. The anemometer is mounted to our home roof and elevated to a height of ~33 feet in the air to ensure the best wind. The rain gauge is mounted on top of the anemometer mast and the temperature and humidity sensors on the northeast corner of the house in a Davis Pagoda.

Our weather station interfaces with our computer through software written by Ambient Weather. It is a powerful tool for a beginner to an advanced weather enthusiasts. I highly recommend this software for weather enthusiasts wanting to start their own web site.

Dell™ Dimension™ 1100/B110
Celeron 2.53 Ghz/512MB/80GB

Oregon Scientific WMR-968
Rain Gauge, Anemometer, Thermo Hygrometer w/Davis Pagoda & Touch Screen Desktop Console

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